Monday, August 6, 2012

Final results posted!

You can check the final results of the 2012 Hellroaring Mountain Bike Stage Race by clicking this link.

If you won, congratulations!

If you had fun, congratulations!

If you came, thanks for coming!

If you missed it, ask anyone who raced: You totally missed out!

Oh, and we're proud to announce that planning for the 2013 Hellroaring race is already in the works!

Feel free to drop us an e-mail at if you have any suggestions or thoughts about the race. What was awesome? What wasn't so awesome? Let us know!

We're working on sorting through a lot of photos of the race and we will post them and link them here soon.

Thanks for coming and we'll see you again in 362 days! Start training now ...

There are a lot of people we'd like to thank ...

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Subaru, and the Naked Noodle for your support! Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers! Thanks to Great Northern Cycles racer and Whitefish artist Brenda Winkler for the amazing medals! Thanks to local hero Andrew "Bear" Barinowski and his dirt bike gang for the amazing moto support on Saturday! Thanks to Whitefish Mountain Resort for the use of their trails on Sunday! Thanks to the Forest Service for their support and cooperation in allowing us to race Bill's Creek/Reid-Divide on Saturday!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


You can check the Stage 1 and 2 results here.

We're incredibly psyched with how well the first two races have gone! We hope you are, too!

See you tomorrow, 9 a.m. sharp, at Whitefish Mountain Resort!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How do I get there?

Were you wondering how you're going to get to the trailheads? Probably. Here's how.

Stage 1 at the South Beaver Lake Trailhead of the Whitefish Trail: Drive for eight miles north (toward Eureka) out of downtown Whitefish on 93, make a right onto Beaver Lake Rd. Drive for two miles and you'll see the staging area.

Stage 2 at Bill's Creek/Reid-Divide: Drive for about five miles north (toward Eureka) out of downtown Whitefish on 93, make a left to Twin Bridges Rd. Drive for three miles (Twin Bridges will turn into Lodgepole Rd.) and make a right onto Farm to Market Rd. Drive for one mile and make a left to Tally Lake Rd. Drive five miles up Tally Lake Rd. and make a left to Mountain Meadow Rd./NF-5424. Drive for about a half-mile and you'll see the staging area in the gravel pit.

Stage 3 at Big Mountain/Whitefish Mountain Resort: From the middle of downtown Whitefish, drive north on Wisconsin Ave. for three miles and make a right onto Big Mountain Rd. Drive for six miles to the top of the resort village. The staging area will be in the top parking lot past the Bierstube.

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stage 3, Big Mountain at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Stage 3: Big Mountain at Whitefish Mountain Resort, a 5.2-mile loop with 708 feet of climbing per lap. Sunday, August 5, a 9 a.m. start, the course is located about 15 minutes north of downtown Whitefish.
Did we forget to post the Stage 3 profile? Or were we just keeping you guessing? We guess you'll never know ... 

Our friends at Whitefish Mountain Resort have graciously agreed to host Stage 3 of the Hellroaring Stage Race. Thanks, WMR!

Like the time trial, there isn't a lot that needs to be said for a 5.2-mile loop: Get there an hour early and pre-ride the course!

We will tell you this: You get to descend half of the Summit Trail, some of the most fun down-hill the Flathead Valley has to offer.

Cat. 1s will do four laps; Cat 2s will do three; Cat. 3s will do two laps.

Get ready to race! See you Friday night!

Important updates!

- Day-of registration for the Hellroaring Stage Race is now ONLY from 4:30 to 5:30 at the Beaver Lake Trailhead of the Whitefish Trails. Please get there early! Day-of registration will be $90, not $100. CASH OR CHECK ONLY! You can register at USA Cycling for the race until midnight on Thursday. How do you get to the trailhead? Head west on 93 out of Whitefish (toward Eureka) and drive for eight miles. Make a right onto Beaver Lake Rd. Drive for about two miles and you'll see us. Stop in at Great Northern Cycles on Friday if you've got any questions ... or if you need a coffee!

- A USA Cycling liscence is required. If you do not have a USAC liscence, you can purchase an event liscence for $10 which will cover all three stages. If you purchase an event liscence, you can only race Cat. 2 or 3.

The race plates and leader's jerseys showed up today. Get psyched, see ya Friday night!

Race flier:

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Online registration for the Hellroaring Stage Race is now up! You can register here: Hellroaring Stage Race registration.

Day-of registration will be at Great Northern Cycles in downtown Whitefish on Friday, August 3, between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Day-of registration will be $100.

Keep in mind, if you do day-of, the South Beaver Lake TT begins at 6. Leave yourself enough time!

See ya in Whitefish in two weeks!